We need to talk

Performance Space
25 October – 1 December 2012

Curated by Bec Dean, Deborah Kelly and Jeff Khan

Featured Artists: Christian Thompson • Cigdem Aydemir • Eric Bridgeman • John Meade • Julie Rrap • LEVEL • Liam Benson • Luke Parker & Sangeeta Sandrasegar • Marley Dawson • Natalya Hughes • Parachutes for Ladies • Paul Knight • Philip Brophy • The Kingpins • Tarryn Gill & Pilar Mata Dupont • Tracey Moffatt & Gary Hillberg • Trevor Fry

SEXES expands from the current revival of interest in the provocations of feminist discourse. As a critical survey of recent contemporary Australian art, the project explodes binary notions of gender and sexuality to examine and celebrate a multiplicity of perspectives and practices. Artists working in photomedia, video, installation, performance, sculpture, collage and theoretical discourse address the expressions of gender in an Australian context.


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